A note from your Wedding Photographer, Julia

January 3, 2024

Julia Bonugli

Hi, I’m Julia – a wedding and portrait photographer based in Texas, but I’ll giddy-up and get anywhere you’d like. Right now, my site is undergoing a massive rebrand (it’s gonna be so freaking cool). But that means, I don’t have all the goodies I’d like to show you available right now.

Enter: this blog post. This post will dive into a little bit of what makes me, me. What makes me different as a photographer, if we’d be a good fit, show you some of my work, and answer some questions you may have.

First, if you don’t already gimme a follow on Insta and Tik Tok and Pinterest – I have tons of work, info, etc. over there

Ready? Let’s get into it –

I’m a Wedding Photographer who…

Doesn’t care.

Okay hold on, yes I do. I care a lot. But not about what I’m probably supposed to.

  • I don’t care what everyone else is doing – I care about what YOU want to do
  • I don’t care about my instagram following an “aesthetic” – I care about keeping the colors you carefully chose true and lifelike
  • I don’t care about perfect lighting or backdrops – I care about the integrity of the moment
  • I don’t care about what your Uncle Bob says is a shot I should get – I care about preserving the energy and intention of your day
  • I don’t care whatcha look like, who ya love, whether this is your 1st or 4th wedding – I care about YOU, as a human, as a life, as a damn BRIDE OR GROOM MMMKAY

Messy ‘n raw ‘n real

Almost every single person who inquires with me says the same thing, the unique and raw feel to the work is what drew them in. There’s something to be said for professional quality while still keeping the integrity of what actually happened/was present. Aiming to enhance what was in front of me, romanticize what your eyes saw in the way your brain will try to remember, is my focus every time I shoot or edit.

Raw, real, unique, effortless, messy lol all the descriptive words but they help paint a picture, right?

My favorite part about the way I work and view the world might be that you can do whatever the hell you want, and it’ll look incredible and unique every time. I have no desire to deliver the same wedding gallery over and over again with the same poses, same angles, same set up and fake moments. Not here friend. Cookie cutter and predictable energy is not welcome, okiiiii?

There are plenty of wedding photographer out there who might fit that mold, and babe let me so dang up front with ya: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING. Do not allow any opinion, mine or your mother’s or your friend’s, to overtake what you like. The beauty of so many creatives in the world is that there is truly someone and something for everyone. If I’m not it? That’s completely okay – go find it.

So, we’ve sort of established this, but let me be clear: I have zero interest in giving you perfection, predictable or boring. I’m not good at it and I don’t want to be. I specialize in couples and families who know who they are, what they want, and don’t care to be anything else.

Which leads me to – TBWTRN.

A Wedding Photographer for THE BRIDES WITH THE RED NAILS

Okay, no you don’t actually have to have red nails for your wedding, or even like the color red for me to be the right wedding photographer for you. I’m describing the energy of a specific bride (groom too, idc who you are or who you love okay? You’re loved, we love all the love here. K great, let’s move forward).

What I mean is, I work with the brides (and grooms) who WOULD have red nails on their wedding day. The ones who know exactly who they are, and what they want. You make absolutely no apologies for it. You’ve found comfort in the red nails or the tattoos or the baggy t shirts or the low cut dress or the shaved head or the WHATEVER IT IS THAT MAKES YOUR HEART HAPPY. You are someone who knows this day is for them and not their mother or their brother or your in-law or your friend. You feel your best when you stay true to your soul, in whatever form that takes.

Maybe its subtle, maybe its loud, but its just different.

How may I serve you, m’lord or lady?

My love language is acts of service, which honestly makes so much sense in the way I work. I love serving my clients in an intentional way. 

I really, really love what I do. I get giddy every step of the way, whether we are planning and chatting and sending insta DMs or Tik Toks, shooting or editing. I am also really intentional with the couples I take on. You won’t see me posting about photographing 30 weddings a year, filling my calendar with anything. I’m kind of… picky?

It has zero to do with how someone looks, what you wear, who you love, etc.

It has everything to do with:

  1. Giving my absolute everything to my clients, being so freaking intentional with y’all that I refuse to take on work I’m not passionate about just for the sake of being busy
  2. To work with people who see the value in what I offer. I don’t work like most photographers out there. You don’t book, not hear a word, then show up and shoot. We talk, we dream, we plan. I source fun items or clothes, we set a scene or a vision.
  3. Finding the people who align with my way of working, who romanticize the real and raw and messy. This is not only so important for y’all as the couple getting married, but for me as your wedding photographer. Misaligned values lead to distrust and lackluster experiences (and photos) – yuck

I’m not interested in generic, babe – let’s be handcrafted in a world of heavy machinery.

OOOffff okay, yes that was kind of cringey but I AM GETTING A MESSAGE ACROSS OKAY?

Destination Wedding and Elopement photographer - Julia Bonugli

Who’s that girl – it’s Ju! (yes, this is a New Girl reference)

Wow – you’re still here? Still reading? I think I love you.

Anyways, that confession aside, thank you, and allow me to give you an idea of the woman pushing the button.

My name is Julia, people call me JuJu, Ju, Jules – never Julie. Who’s Julie? Not me.

I’m a 27 year old Christian mama of two bb boys living in San Antonio, Texas. I am heavily sarcastic, make a good mix of dad and inappropriate jokes, read a lot of uhh, books (many a mafia man, hockey player, fae males – where my SJM fans at?? hehehe) if ya get my drift.

I’m married to a lumberjack, coat hanger, teddy bear of a man named Joey. We met at Texas Tech, if you count meeting through Tinder where he sent me a Christian pick-up line a year after high five-ing and calling me “dude”, as meeting at Tech. 2024 marks 8 years together and 6 years married in July.

When I’m not running this business of mine, find me living the mom life, taking a bath with my Kindle, a Dos Equis in my hand, listening to a mix of The Black Keys, Jonas Brothers, Hozier, whatever incredible artist Tik Tok just led me to, Morgan Wallen, Mt. Joy, Easy Giant, etc.

That mom life, btw, raising those two boys that are a perfect mix of me and their daddy? Reason #2 I am so intentional (hell, call me picky even) in the work I take on as a wedding photographer.

I want to be so freaking passionate about my clients that my momma soul is okay being away from my babies. I’m in this because I love it, I love serving others, and frankly, I’m freaking good at it. It’s not the money or the full calendar driving me, friend.

All that to say –

I really am so pumped you found your way here. I hope you found some answers, and if you didn’t, fill out this form so we can talk more. Whether it’s pricing, you’d like to see more work, availability, etc. – I cannot wait to talk more. If the energies match and the stars align and the pixie dust is thrown with faith and trust – I might just be your fairy wedding photographer hehehe